About mental health

What Is Mental Health
To maintain healthy life we need not only physical fitness, mental  fitness  also needed. It depends on good mental health. What’s  the mean  of mental  fitness?

When a man remain hale and hearty with the both side physical and mental then he is known to quite hale. Mind also can be sicked like body sick. The scientist research badly about mental disease and never stop research it yet. Really mental disease may be all kinds of people beside there is no fixed time to occur it. It gets the better of or come round in time with the right treatment. We should go the specialist of mental disease if we identify the fact. 
 Character Of Mental Health
When a man attacked by mental disease then his own desire thinking, consideration, mentality are changed. It identify easily with his talk and all kinds of behaviour. This changeable behaviour give grief other person and also himself. Unruly can be seen with his food habits, sleep as well as social relationship.If this kinds of character are seem then called a person of mental disease.


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